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Friday, November 30, 2012

Geocaching, Jessica Wyeth and The Charity

A few of you readers may be finding this blog via the geocache site and wondering why.

The Charity's main character, Jessica Wyeth, gets around. She was brought up on the north shore of Massachusetts but some unfortunate events happen which force her to assume a new identity and run. Her flight takes her crisscrossing the country. With some respite in Utah and Kentucky, she eventually returns to the Boston area.

Hamilton, Jessica's home town, is prime horse country. It's a beautiful, wealthy, New England town with lots of hiking trails. The surrounding towns are just as spectacular and offer varied trails for people, mountain bikes and, of course, horses. A very important part of who Jessica is as a person is her love of the land and the outdoors - in fact, a bit of that led to her undoing, but no spoilers here. I feel there is no better way to really get a feel for her as a main character than to walk in her shoes - fictionally, of course.

So, "Jessica" is hiking around the north shore area and geocaching. Keep watching this blog, because she is busy plotting a puzzle geocache that is sure to intrigue the most keen of minds. While she's scheming, she's hiking about, discovering amazing vistas, feeding her soul on salt tinged air or a wooded trail, signing log books and putting travel bugs on their way.

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