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Monday, January 14, 2013

Book Club Questions/Reader's Guide

With The Charity's readers growing in number, I've had a few reach out to me asking for questions that would be good conversation starters for their book clubs. I've put together a list with some questions that are good for any fiction book and a few questions that are specific to readers of The Charity. I've had great fun talking with book groups in person. Book clubs via Skype continue to be a great enjoyment for me as well.

  • Was there a point in the book when you knew you had to keep reading? What was it?
  • Who was your favorite character?
  • Do you feel as if your views on anything have changed since you read The Charity?
  • Was there a theme you felt that I, as the author, emphasized through The Charity?What do you think I was trying to say?
  • What characters changed throughout the book? Who changed the most? Was it the character that changed or your perspective on that character which changed? What were the reasons for that change and was that effective for you as a reader?
  • Was there a character that you first thought of as "good" or "bad" and then changed your mind? How did that happen?
  • What was it about Jessica that she could not disguise about herself? 
  • Readers often think fiction main characters expose an author's life. Did you see any ways in which you feel I was revealed through Jessica? How?
  • Were there any passages in the book that made you feel uncomfortable? Why? Does that say more about you or me as the author?
  • The Charity has been applauded for its realistic portrayals of behaviors, motivations and consequences behind terrorist acts. Does The Charity challenge your perspective on terrorism? How? 
These are questions I most hear from different readers and book clubs. Questions I have for my readers is what do you think happens to Jessica after the book ends? What do you want to see happen to her?

This list should get the conversation rolling for most book groups. Of course, a glass of chardonnay or a Jessica Cocktail or two wouldn't hurt.