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Monday, September 22, 2014

Next Up! Jungle Red Writers Blog Guest September 24!

Mark your calendars! I'm super excited to be a guest of Hallie Ephron's this week on her Jungle Red Writers Blog. Hallie is one of seven women mystery and thriller writers who have joined together to share writing tips, dish on life adventures and insights, profile other authors and even a give recipe or two. The other writers are Hank Phillippi Ryan, Rhys Bowen, Julia Spencer Flemming, Lucy Burdette, Deborah Crombie and Susan Elia MacNeal and each is incredible in her own right.

I met Hallie at Ray Daniel's launch of Terminated at the New England Mobile Book Fair. To be right up front about it, I was a little bit tongue-tied. Earlier this year, I had been invited to be a guest on a Boston book interview show, The Literati Scene. (Interview here.) To prepare, I researched past guests and Hallie's name stood out. Nothing like trying to follow a three time Mary Higgins Clark award finalist, best selling author and a collector of rave reviews. Gulp.

So, I extended my hand and blubbered something about needing to up my game to follow in her footsteps. I hoped I didn't blush crimson and sound like a complete fawning idiot. Even if I did, Hallie was warm, gracious and funny. She mentioned her trip to Ireland and the conversation was off and running. Then she asked if I'd be interested in being a guest on her blog. Would I!?! Oh, yeah!

So, Hallie, I hope I do you proud. On Wednesday, September 24, I will be sitting at my computer, fingers poised over the keys, waiting to write some pithy and insightful responses to any comments I receive. Fingers crossed I get some.

(By the way, if you haven't read Hank's intro to Ray on the JRW blog, you should. Hank interviewed Ray as part of his launch, and it was one of the best interviews I have ever heard. She did her homework and asked the right questions to let Ray shine on his big night. Really incredible. The post gives a hint at how good the evening's conversation was.)