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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Launch Week a.k.a. Who Needs Fingernails?

The time has come. My book-baby is going out into the world.

Remember when you were a little kid and you rode your bike around the block for the first time? Did you look back and see the look on your parents' faces? A mixture of pride and worry furrowed their brows.

I'm wearing that expression now. The training wheels are off and The Troubles is about to start peddling like mad on its own. Well, not completely on its own. After all, I'm a good parent, if a bit helicopter-ish in my devotion. The lessons of looking both ways, wearing helmets and elbow pads have been implemented in the form of critical beta feedback, manuscript reviews, and incisive editing. Orange safety vests of terrific cover design don the exterior. Hard won lessons of life and craft fill the interior.

Handlebar streamers of marketing make my baby a little more eye-catching. Launch events are as follows:

Newspaper Announcements: Poughkeepsie Journal
Stiletto Gang Blog Interview, guest of Marilyn Meredith (May 19)
Hartford Book Examiner, guest of John Valeri (May 19)
Femmes Fatales, guest of Hank Phillippi Ryan (June 2)
Jungle Reds, guest of Hank Phillippi Ryan (TBD) (My earlier Jungle Reds post as a guest of Hallie Ephron is here.)
New England Mobile Book Fair Meet and Greet (June 20)
Writers Who Kill, Blog post, guest of E. B. Davis (September 12)

Book Launch and Reading at Jabberwocky Books in Newburyport, MA (May 29)

...and several private book talks lined up, too!

Like they say in real estate: Location. Location. Location.
Sharing the front page with Ms. Peters and bestsellers is terrific!
So, if you see my book-baby out in the world, be kind. Drop me a note to let me know how she's doing. I'm always happy to chat.