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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"A Short Story About a Horse Named Evan" by K

(It might not seem like a lot to you, but the pages shown here evidence a mountain climbed. I've mentioned K and her short story in an earlier post. This is the first story she has ever written. I've transcribed it here.)

There is a field where I like to go riding all the time. Evan likes being outside. He likes when I ride him. The Farm name is called WindRush Farm. There is one large to middle size barn on this field. This barn looks more like a sm. eat in diner and there are very very interesting smells and this east in diner has a lot of very interesting horse equipment on each corners. On the walls the name each equipment are rains, the bit, a pair of sturups, a saddle.

Evan is quit a big horse and when I'm standing right up against a big horse like Evan it makes me feel a little small because he's so big. But I'm not aftaid of him at all because he's so gentle. I like to brush him a lot. I have to kind of stand up on my tippytoes to brush him.

Evan is a mixs breed. He would have one color on his head area and another color mixs into that for his mane and tail which is all braided. It looks very horse like when Evan is not happy he would buck and kick you when he's not in a good mode. You will see his ears go forward a little more and hold his head up really big and when I put him away at night in barn he would sqeal for more riding time. Every night he would do this  he would to these very interesting where he would bring everything to be in his mouth like hes raines a rope.

I put his bit in his mouth he doesn't like when he wears a bit because it like pulls on his mouth a little

When I put the saddle on him thats when his all happy and jumpy all around the barn. He like when I ride him if anyone goes near him he doesn't like it. He gets pretty upset he would bit you or even kick or head butt you to make away from him.

When I ride Evan he would like to on these very long trail rides up in the woods

to see different stuff like cabins, a lot of trees and big barns and hills

it makes me feel pretty special and pretty smart sitting in the saddle a little bit scared. But not as much. I'm happy to ride him.

I can control him by myself by pulling back on the rains to stop and to half halt I pull back and release.

Evan likes to play with the cat. They would play hide and seek all the time. Karma the cat like to hid in different areas of the Barn Like in the Buckets pails sometimes in stalls 

Behind things and Evan would go find her sometimes it would be very seeky

At night he would go crazy bananas when I feed her Evan would eat right out of my hand like carrots, apples or I put it into a bucket or a pail.

and for water I put a buck out for him and he would lap it all up.

The End