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Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I've told you about K before. Today I'm going to tell you a secret.

K and I work together to help her learn to ride a horse. First, we were just two women who happened to be paired together, horse handler and client. K had been riding on Wednesday mornings for a number of years before I came along. Through that time, she had many volunteers working beside her. Wednesdays happened to be the time I had free. Mornings worked best. Scheduling fate threw us together.

Now? Don't you dare try to separate us.

I've featured authors, musicians, playwrights, and more in my "Strong Woman" series. Each guest has written about what that phrase means to her or a person who personifies that phrase. It's my turn to tell you about K.
Pocahontas by Disney

To many, the label of "strong woman" conjures an image of a scantily clad warrior standing at the edge of a cliff, spear in hand, with hair billowing in the wind. Somehow, the term means a larger-than-life powerhouse that parts the seas of humanity to bend us to her will or a force of nature who will not be cowed by convention.

K owns the "strong woman" mother lode. She lives a full and simple life with a strength and dignity we can only imagine. 

So, the secret? Her determination to accomplish things we take for granted is intimidating. This gal is fierce

Behind that thousand watt smile is a spine of stainless steel. Tenacity and determination in their fullest forms wilt when applied to her. She is gonna get it done!

Cards dealt at birth dictated a life of need and support. Don't think, even for a second, that this means a life for K of dependence or loss.

She works and lives independently, belongs to a swim club, is an award winning equestrian (as pictured above), and more. Oh, and she is surrounded by friends. She is a human tractor beam of positive energy.

And she has determined that she wants to write stories. I've posted one already. Next week, I'll post more.