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Friday, September 16, 2016

More Short Stories by K

I've told you about K before and today is a very special day for her. She marks a milestone birthday with a limo filled with friends and dinner at a happening arcade and gaming spot.

To help her celebrate, I'm publishing two of her short stories. I've provided images of the pages she gave me and transcribed her words as accurately as I could. Enjoy!


Every Tues. + Wed. afternoon at 2:00 I go to the YMCA because I go to swimming lession w/ a woman name Betsy. This woman is hysterical. What I mean by that is she is very goofy and hysterical and she make these gofy sounds when she's in the pool w/ me and she tells me that's who I am. I had another swim teacher and her name was Chris E***n. She used to work at the YMCA by she was going to come back and teach But she couldn't. I miss Chris alot. I just found out that she will be coming to watch me swim. I'm learning to like this woman named Betsy alot. She shows me different stuff to do in the water like using barbells that I hold on to and kick my feet, kick board, and a noodle, the kick board   I hole onlto kick my feet also blow bubbles in teh water. Sometimes I like to put my face in the water, and also swim under water. Sometimes we swim in the deep end. Sometimes she gives me soemthing to hold me up or I do it on my own. I can float on my back and on my front with help. You have to meet this woman. You will dye laughing. She is Funny!




Theres This woman This woman is a horse handler at Windrush Farm. She comes to Riding Every Wednesdays and she puts a time aside or she set a special time once a week to spend the time w/ me. This woman come to riding w/ her hair up in a pony-tail and she puts her hat on which someone trys to take off. I wish that she would wear it down. She has pretty long hair to cover up a w/ a hat. She has this client who loves to ride horses and this client also loves to trot on her horse around and the barn and she is a star trotter now. She loves to trot that the best part of it all. 

I used to like to feed my horse carrots + apples. I can't feed him any more because the other horses would be jelious that they would kick or buck or even head butt other horses, but my horse still looks for his treats. Every week after I finish brushing him he would sniff my pockets for his carrots + apples.

One of my dreams is owning my own horse and riding him off into the sunset and having the wind blowing threw my hair.

This client of hers love to trot all over the barn. When it's time to put the horse away in his stall her client would get upset because she doesn't want to leave him there. He wants me to take him away again to go troting again he happy to have me on his back.


Happy Birthday, K. I love you! Your high voltage smile and positive energy are the highlight of my week!