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Friday, April 14, 2017


My first impression of Arlene Kay was at a Sisters in Crime conference. I was aware of a group of people huddled together. They would erupt with laughter, then fall silent, in obvious rapture listening to a powerhouse of a woman at their center. Enter Arlene Kay into my life. 

I've since been fortunate enough to share events with Arlene. Whether it's at Boston Book Festival, New England Library Association or other author events, time spent with Arlene is always fun. 

She's smart and sexy and writes smart and sexy books. 

What do I enjoy most about her? 

She doesn't take herself too seriously.

Strong Women Can Laugh at Themselves
 By Arlene Kay

One of my hallmarks for a strong, self-confident woman is one who appreciates the absurdities of life and some of the truly STUPID things she 
herself has done. 

That made me recall one of my less stellar performances some years ago in Dallas. I had an unfortunate run of luck with my Corvette (Lord, I loved that car), and decided that a brand new sports car was a smart move. Forget what Pope Francis says about FIATS, I purchased a Fiat X-19, a beautiful little red number dubbed “baby Porsche” and proudly sailed around Texas in it—-until it hit 12,000 miles which coincidentally meant the end of warranty. That piece of excrement was towed more than driven until one day while motoring to work, I looked in the mirror and saw that rear engine on fire! Actual flames spurting from the back!  

Naturally I panicked fearing an imminent explosion. I was relieved to see a gas station ahead and turned in. 

The attendant waved his arms in what I assumed was a welcome gesture but I was so wrong. Actually he was
screaming, “Lady, DON’T come in or this place will explode.”

He ran toward me, florid of face, with fire extinguisher in hand, and sprayed that foam all over my smoldering heap of Italian engineering.

Later, everyone who heard this tale said virtually the same thing: “That’s the dumbest move you’ve ever made!”

Come to think of it, they were right and the final irony—my Fiat X-19 survived to break down yet again.


Former Treasury executive Arlene Kay is known for snarky, sensual suspense and intriguing mysteries that bedevil and delight readers. Published novels include: INTRUSION; DIE LAUGHING; THE ABACUS PRIZE;(Mainly Murder Press), the Boston Uncommons Series: SWANN DIVE; MANTRAP; GILT TRIP; SWANN SONGS; (Belle Bridge Books), and coming in 2017, the Leather and Lace Series featuring QUAGMIRE.  She holds graduate degrees in Political Science & Constitutional Law. Despite attaining many of her goals, she still finds joy in every day blunders, particularly her own. 


Cecilia Swann had it all—brains, looks and a staggering fortune. When she plunges off a Boston high rise, the cops called it suicide but best pal Eja Kane knew better: CeCe had a morbid fear of anything higher than a step-ladder. With childhood nemesis Deming Swann, Eja forges an uneasy alliance to avenge her friend and unmask a ruthless murderer.

Dario Peters had a doting grandma and a ton of enemies. His sudden death on a Cape Cod cycling trail was a convenient accident that satisfied the locals but inflamed his influential family. When all else fails, trust the Swann sleuths to tackle this tangled web of larceny, murder and adultery amid the bucolic beauty of Cape Cod where all is definitely not what it seems. 

Bride-to-be Eja Kane gets more than she bargained for when she and Annika Swann join a local Dojo. The corpse of a scheming hussy falls at their feet unleashing a financial scandal that engulfs a sexy Sifu, jealous wife, and one of Deming’s biggest clients. Boston society is rocked to its core, forcing the Swann sleuths to learn the true value of precious metal.

For new bride Eja Kane-Swann, revenge is both sweet and deadly when Gabriel Mann the ex-spouse who kicked her to the curb begs for her help. Expect murder, misdirection and a pinch of glamour as that dazzling duo, Eja and Deming explore complex motives, political correctness and academic angst in the rarified air of Cambridge, Massachusetts.